The morning after

You know that feeling. You’ve been to an amazing party, you wake up with a hangover and Monday is looming once again. Ouch. That’s the feeling you get after Nijmegen’s Four Days Marches, or at least minus the hangover for me.

On Saturday, I cycled into town. I was surrounded by empty bike racks, abandoned outdoor urinals and trampled plastic cups. Nobody around, no uplifting tunes playing in the background. Rubbish. The cycle into town was eighty times quicker. I didn’t have to slalom around people, or find my way through a labyrinth of metal barriers. How boring…

Once you get into town, life is just carrying on as usual. In Nijmegen, peace and quiet just isn’t our thing. The market is up and running again while they’re still taking down the stages. And so it goes on…  All that remains is the street sweeper and even that smells of beer.

During the Four Days Festivities, I’m sure everyone from Nijmegen thinks at least once: Get all of these people out of my city! But we’re still fed up when it’s over again. Still, there’s no need to be sad. De Kaaij reopens on Wednesday and there are plenty of festivities still in store for us! But first we should take a couple of days to recover. Enjoy that morning-after feeling everyone!

blog by Jillian Suderée