Extreme sports in and around our Summer Capital

Fly above the water
You might have seen this but probably never had the opportunity to do it yourself: fly boarding. Standing on a kind of wakeboard you’ll fly above the water and can even make nice movements by moving your feet in different positions. The only things that move you are your feet and waterpower of a jet ski on which you’re attached. Fly boarding is possible at the Mookerplas, about 15 minutes from Nijmegen.
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Flying higher to the sky
You can always fly higher. Another thing that you’ve probably seen, but never done yourself: parasailing. Explore Nijmegen, its old city centre and beautiful nature sceneries while sitting under a parachute.
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Skate in a former factory
Waalhalla is Europe’s first indoor concrete skatepark, open for skateboard and BMX. This extensive, challenging skatepark is located at the former Nyma factory, at the river Waal. Bring your own skateboard, skates or BMX or rent them here.
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Wakeboard and waterski
Ever tried a medium kicker, rainbow slider or flat sliderbox? At the Berendonck, one of Nijmegens swimming lakes, you’ll find a challenging waterski and wakeboard obstacle park. If this sounds too challenging, you can start with an introduction lesson and make use of the cable car.
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Fast and hilly mountainbiking
In the bushy area of Nijmegen, Groesbeek, Berg en Dal and Mook you’ll find a few of Hollands greenest and hilly mountain bike trails. These routes guide you through forests with trees in all kind of colors, meadows and fields with French-like sceneries.
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