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Hendrik-Jan Derksen

Hendrik-Jan is one of those people who make Nijmegen such a vibrant, connected city. DJ, city maker, booker, social worker, founder of ‘Welcome to Nijmegen’ and much more. Always connecting people, ideas and organisations to help develop Nijmegen into an inclusive, musical, social, progressive city.

Where will Hendrik-Jan Derksen go this summer?

  1. 01 / Dekker van der Vegt

    I’m glad it’s still there: the most beautiful bookshop in Nijmegen, where I can browse and read for hours. I’m a fan of good history, fiction and non-fiction books, among other things. At Dekker van der Vegt, they have a great variety for everyone and on top of that, a relaxed cafe area. There are also all kinds of books about Nijmegen, including books by authors from Nijmegen.

  2. 02 / Waalhaven and Oude Benedenstad

    Sitting quietly, overlooking the river with a view of three bridges. A completely different era, but until recently, largely the same view. My grandparents on the Derksen side of the family worked here as parlevinkers (people who travel from boat to boat selling things to skippers) and kaaijsjouwers (tough men who unloaded ships in harsh conditions on the quayside). My grandmother’s family, the Wolffs, were the first grocers to make and sell dairy ice cream in Nijmegen from their shop near Grotestraat.

  3. 03 / Doornroosje

    I started out working at Doornroosje as a light engineer. Since then, I have occasionally worked as a DJ and organised my own dance events. I have also taught music and done tech and programming in schools as part of the Do It! project. Since 1989, there have been plans for the development of a new building and I am pleased to see all that has been achieved over the years. I often visit other clubs, but the new Doornroosje building is by far the best club in the Netherlands in terms of sound, light and programming. I hope that the old building, with its iconic status, will be preserved. Preferably as a breeding ground for young Nijmegen talent. Fortunately a group of musicians and dancers, including bands like De Staat and Bigmouth from within the city of Nijmegen, is busy setting up something like that. I hope they succeed in making it something rewarding.

  4. 04 / Stoom/Oersoep

    I’m pleased with the developments that have taken place at the Honigcomplex. When you walk in, you can just feel the bustle and drive of people wanting to achieve something great in their own way. Stoom is a fantastic place to be. Good food, great people and a variety of the best beers, including beers brewed at Oersoep, part of Stoom.

  5. 05 / In de Blaauwe Hand

    Still my favourite pub – it has a good ambiance, very nice staff and a great atmosphere, all in a special location. Here, you can find a mix of both regulars and the younger generation. Every now and then, I welcome new Nijmegenaren (residents of Nijmegen) from Heumensoord (a former hostel for asylum seekers) to let them get a taste of the old city. In summer, the outdoor seating area is nice and cool thanks to an airlock of wind from the River Waal.