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Jaap Robben

Jaap Robben (born 1984) is a writer, poet and actor. Former city poet of Nijmegen, Jaap has written several books and poems. He made his debut as a novelist last year. BIRK was successfully released, won lots of prizes and has now been translated into many different languages. Jaap has performed at Lowlands, Crossing Borders and Into the Great Wide Open.

Where will Jaap Robben go this summer?

  1. 01 / "Waalstrandjes"

    The most beautiful view of Nijmegen is at the Waalstrandjes (small beaches along the River Waal). If you set off from the Ooijpolder and go a little further along the River Waal, you’re completely surrounded by nature. Take a picnic basket and rug and simply listen to the beautiful sounds of the outside world such as the murmur of the poplar trees, with the River Waal cooling off your feet in the meantime.

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  2. 02 / Valkhof Festival

    The Valkhof Affaire and the Vierdaagsefeesten are a cocoon during this time of year when everybody has time off work and seems to be at their happiest. The Valkhof Park is my favourite part of the festival. So many nice people, discovering bands and meeting friends who you only see there once a year without even having to say ‘see you there!’.

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  3. 03 / Bridge on Graafseweg

    The view from the bridge on Graafseweg – an orange sunset, the city and the railway line. I like to stand there and look at the city.

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  4. 04 / Ooijpolder

    Riding away from the city on your bike and then around the small polder roads through one of the most beautiful polder landscapes I know. Drinking a beer at Oortjeshekken, lighting a fire in the evening at the Bisonbaai and skinny-dipping under the stars after sunset. And then back on the bike, glowing all the way.

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  5. 05 / Lux Nijmegen

    On a rainy day, you can always go and see a film at the LUX cinema. It’s by far my favourite cinema – there’s always a film I’m interested in seeing, whether it be a classic film or one of the latest arthouse films.

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