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Margot Ribberink

Graduated as a biologist from Nijmegen’s Radboud University in 1989 and started out as a meteorologist at Meteoconsult (now called MeteoGroup) in 1990. She presented the weather forecast on RTL 4 for 20 years. She now presents the weather for Omroep Max and Omroep Gelderland, and during the tornado season she is on the lookout for tornados in the US. Furthermore, she gives lectures on climate change and sustainability. She also does ‘hayfever forecasts’ for Pollennieuws and has been a Cordaid ambassador since 2010.

Photo by: Chrissie Sewalt

Where will Margot Ribberink go this summer?

  1. 01 / De Kaaij

    De Kaaij, drinking beers, listening to music, feeling the sand between your toes and watching boats passing by on the Waal. When it gets cold, we can even sit in front of one of the fires.

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  2. 02 / Music Meeting

    Music Meeting 2016 at Park Brakkenstein, where St Germain will be performing. It’ll be a wonderful experience if it’s warm and sunny – perfect weather for a festival, but unfortunately we have no control over that.

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  3. 03 / Oortjeshekken

    Bird spotting in the Ooijpolder, followed by breakfast at Oortjeshekken. I didn’t stop loving nature after finishing my degree in biology at Radboud University. I’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn to spot and listen to birds with my former fellow students, after which we will have a ‘recovery breakfast’ at Oortjeshekken.

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  4. 04 / Afrikamuseum

    As a long-term Cordaid ambassador, I have visited Africa many times over the years. I have already been to Ghana, Mali, Malawi and the Gambia, and next week I will be travelling to Ethiopia. Despite all of the hardship I have seen there, I am absolutely in love with the continent. Recently, the Afrika Museum had a wonderful photo exhibition by Jimmy Nelson. When I’m there, it’s like being back in Africa again.

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  5. 05 / Blonde Pater

    Having a drink at De Blonde Pater where they have the tastiest drinks and snacks. If it’s chilly, you can try some Spanish snacks while sitting under a warm blanket on the lovely terrace.

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