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Pieter Derks

Top 5 must dos in Nijmegen by Pieter Derks, a famous Dutch stand-up comedian who was born and raised in Nijmegen and still lives here.

Where will Pieter Derks go this summer?

  1. 01 / Playing football in the Goffertpark

    On endless summer evenings, the Goffertpark has a wonderful feel to it. There are people playing sports, having drinks, being romantic. I recommend all three, but I mostly play lots of football there with whoever wants to join in.

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  2. 02 / Millinger Theetuin

    A 10-minute bike ride out of the city, and then a bit further, lies the Millinger Theetuin (Millingen tea garden). Despite (or even because of) the distance, it’s a lovely oasis in the middle of the river basin.

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  3. 03 / Nevengeul

    New channel and island in the Waal, I think it’s awesome that people can think up something like this, and then make it happen as well. I’m very excited about what’s going to happen here over the next few years, but it’s already an impressive place that is worth a visit.

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  4. 04 / Lange Hezelstraat

    One of my favourite shopping streets in Nijmegen, and also the best way to enter the city! Start at the Kronenburger Park and walk up this lovely old street that has lots of great shops.

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  5. 05 / The Honigcomplex

    It’ll be gone in a few years’ time, but if you go right now, you can still visit the old factory. It’s now been taken over by temporary entrepreneurs and boasts a variety of restaurants, breweries and beach volleyball courts. It even has an outdoor programme in summer as well! Go and lose yourself there for a day!

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