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Ronnie Ruysdael

Short biography: Ronnie Ruysdael is a singer who has lived in Nijmegen since 1986. With a career spanning 25 years, he has performed just about everywhere in the Netherlands. His songs are meant to put a smile on people’s faces. He’s not a very serious guy and his performances are always accompanied by funny moves and dances. In 2016, though, he wrote a serious song about his love for his home town. Not surprisingly, the single is entitled ‘Nijmegen’.

Where will Ronnie Ruysdael go this summer?

  1. 01 / Waalbrug

    When you visit Nijmegen, there is one thing you just have to do. Walk across one of the bridges to get a nice view of the city on its hill, with the Stevenskerk at the top. Enjoy the silence, the boats and the view before heading over the other bridge back to the city.

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  2. 02 / Stevenskerk

    Climb the Stevenskerk tower and take in the view of Nijmegen and the surrounding area.

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  3. 03 / Honigcomplex

    The old industrial part of the town near the Honigcomplex is a hotspot for creative people who organise all kinds of events. There are various pavement cafes, as well as a restaurant called ‘De Meesterproef’, which has an incredible view of the River Waal.

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  4. 04 / LUX Cinema

    LUX is a cinema that shows many arthouse films not shown in mainstream cinemas. You can always pop in for a quick coffee as well.

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  5. 05 / HEMA

    HEMA is a Dutch department store in the city centre. You can sit in the restaurant on the second floor and take in the view of the oldest part of the town. With a little imagination, you can almost picture the farmers taking their products to the ‘Waag’ building (weighing house) on the old marketplace.

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